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    Adobe PDF form / submit sutton does nothing in Safari 5.1.2



      We display embedded Acrobat PDF forms containing a submit button in Safari.

      If I press "submit" nothing happens, this worked some Safari versions before.


      My Adobe Reader is: Adobe Reader X, Version 10.1.1

      My Safari version is 5.1.2, I removed and reinstalled it, still does not work.


      Reading this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8302233/pdf-submit-a-form-button-safari

      "I contacted Adobe again, and their technical support was more helpful. 

      It is a known issue, and Adobe suggests using a different browser, or downgrade to Safari 5.0.1.

      Adobe will soon issue a patch for this to work with Safari 5.1.1.


      Well, I have 5.1.2 and this does not seam to be fixed yet.


      Downgrading my Safari version to 5.0.1 made the Adobe PDF forms work again with Safari, the submit button does  something.


      Does anybody have some information about this? Is there another way to solve this issue then to downgrade to version 5.0.1 ?


      Thanks for helping