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    Bookmarks based on filestructure




      I've been asked to look at the possibility to add bookmars to a pdf which is created from several documents based on their original placement in the filstructure.




      File 1 resides in c:/folder1/subA/file1.pdf

      File 2 resides in c:/folder1/subB/file2.pdf

      File 3 resides in c:/folder1/subB/ssubX/file3.pdf


      In Acrobat Pro I make my own action which in step 1 on the wizard migrates all the files from toplevel C:/folder1


      In step 2 I would like to generate the bookmars based on the files original placement.

      I would then like the bookmars structure to look something like this:



             -> SubA -> file1

              -> SubB -> file2

              -> SubB -> ssubX -> file3



      Question 1:


      Is it possible to do this, or is the information about the original placement of the files lost after the files are migrated to one pdf ?


      Question 2;


      If it is possible, any hints of how to ?

      ( Would I have to write the migrate routine as well to preserve the original file placement ? )


      Question 3;


      If this isn't possible would a possibility be to use Java/iText ?


      Thank you very much in advance.

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          It might be possible to do that, but not after the files have been

          combined. By that time the original file names are lost (unless you

          explicitly save them somewhere). This is something that needs to be done in

          a script, while merging the files.

          My approach would be to collect the file paths in an action and then use a

          separate, folder-level script to merge the files and create the bookmarks.



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            alunagreg Level 1

            Hi try67!


            This sound interresting.. Could you please provide me with some sourcecode so I could have a look ?

            Thank you in advance.