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    Fixing Word-generated quote marks in RH projects

    George the scribe Level 1

      Hi, all.


      I am running RH8 and generating HTML help. I have imported a large amount of text from Word and have since learned that Word’s “smart quotes” are showing up as question marks in the user context (although they look OK in Robohelp). I’d like to fix this in the Robohelp HTML file.


      Here is what I see when I look at the HTML in Robohelp:

      Curly opening quote from Word shows as: “

      Curly opening quote from Word shows as: ”

      Straight quote shows as: " (This is the goal for both Word quotes.)

      Curly apostrophe from Word shows as: ’

      Straight apostrophe shows as: ' (This is the goal for apostrophes.)


      It seems like a straightforward Find/Replace should fix this. But when I attempt to use the RH “Find and Replace in Files” function on the project folder, looking for the Word quotes, I get the error “No files found with matching text”.


      I have been using cut/paste to copy the characters in question directly out of Robohelp HTML and into the Find/Replace boxes. I have tried both settings of the “Ignore HTML tags” checkbox, and have allowed searching of files named *.* (i.e. all files in the folder) but I get the same error.


      Any idea what I might be doing wrong?


      The only posts about this that I find on this forum suggest using a third-party find/replace tool, and I will find and install one of those if it’s really necessary, but that would require getting approval from our internal IT department, so I’d rather not.


      Any help appreciated!


      -- George