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    Help required for very simple HTTP binding to a remote server (not localhost)

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      FlashBuilder 4.x looks very promising, but the system is very hard to use and doing very simple data binding operations becomes a mammoth task. Also, the documentation is appalling, and it seems every example Adobe has ever published concerns localhost and not a remote server. What happens if we don't want to use localhost, Adobe?!


      Please, can someone show me, or explain to me, how to bind some external data - even something simple such as "hello world" - into a control in the page - textarea, datagrid etc? I want to use HTTP services to either return some HTML/XML/JSON - or indeed anything. Every time I try to bind, I get an error saying the URL I am entering has an error and I need to check parameters etc. Thing is, my script, which is a ColdFusion script just returns some (valid) XML. I also have a crossdomain.xml file on the root of the server, and the script runs fine when entered in a browser etc.


      Any examples appreciated. Really feel like dumping FB4.6 in the recycle bin at the moment, because such simple things that can be coded by hand in seconds become mammoth tasks in FB