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    Reader X Print Selected Pages with Comments


      I have a 150 page document that has comments on some, but not all of the pages. I am trying to print only the pages with comments. When I select the page range to print, and select "summarize comments" I get printed pages that do not correspond to the pages I selected. If I choose to print a range without the comments then the pages are printed correctly. Any idea what I am doing wrong?  Thanks for the help

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Reader does not have the Summarize Comments option. Are you sure you're not using Acrobat?

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            johndupuis Level 1

            Thanks for the reply. I am using Reader, not Acrobat. I finally figured it out. When selecting "print", Reader does offer the Summarize option. What it apparently does is to assign the comments for each document page to a separate comments page. So, if page 1 of the document has comments and you want to print page one of the document, plus the comments, you have to select print pages range 1-2. Then you will get a printed page one of the document and a separate printed page with the comments. Once I figured that out it was a simple matter of just adding the total comments pages prior to the first page of the document page range and start printing from there. Sounds confusing but it did work out correctly each time.