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    Strange flashing effect


      Hi all. New to the forum, so please take it easy on me. Fairly limited knowledge of AE, I've been through 'basic training' over at Video copilot.


      I'd appreciate it if someone can have a look at this clip: http://vimeo.com/34661166 Password is AE. This is a much used template, which has started flashing on exactly the same place - even if I change the photo used. It does not show when previewing, only after render (rendering to uncompressed). Sometimes if I render just that part, it renders fine...sometimes not.


      This is a bought template that I've used successfully for around 2 years.


      I've tried going back to the original, which worked the first time, but subsequent renders have shown this flashing. Thought I might try rendering to a different format instead of uncompressed, but not sure what else to try. HDV is the intended final format. (I add music/effects and titles in Sony Vegas afterwards.)


      Original file was CS3. I'm using CS4.


      Any advice much appreciated.