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    Unicode Characters Turn To Garbage Depending On Length of Preceeding Text

    Zoffix222 Level 1



      I wrote a script that creates a bunch of text frames, fills some text and styles it.


      The problem is, sometimes, unicode characters come out as garbage: e.g. "3M™ Blenderm™" turns to "3Mâ„¢ Blendermâ„¢".


      I was playing around with four text frames to see what causes it, and if I add a line of text in the second frame, all subsequent unicode chars turn to garbage only if that line of text is larger than 6 characters.


      If I add a ™ character to the first line of the first text frame, then the problem fixes itself.


      Has anyone encountered something like this?


      Left me know if you need more info (my whole script is rather large...)