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    Harvesting style sheets from an idap or icap file?


      I've just taken on an ongoing design project from a client whose relationship with the previous designer apparently didn't end on such a great note.


      The previous designer was careful from the start not to provide the client or even the printer with actual InDesign files, everything was sent as PDFs. Since I need to try to re-create the look of the original as closely as possible, it would be helpful to have the exact specs for style sheets, color swatches and so forth.


      All I have to work with is a single icap (incopy) file, which I can open in InCopy and see the template that was used, view the names of the style sheets, and so forth. When I "return for indesign," it wants to link it to the original InDesign file, which I don't have. I created a new InDesign file with the same name, but it's lacking the required assignment and won't open, either.


      Anyway around this? What if you've lost the original InDesign document, or it's become corrupted, can it be opened or re-created in some other fashion?


      When I leave clients, I have always tried to be helpful for the next person, with templates and so forth, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. I can do all this by hand, of course, I know the fonts and can match them up, but it's a lot of extra work.


      Thanks for any thoughts ...