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    Urdu text in InDesign CS4




      I have a flyer that will be translated into Urdu, for which I want to use InDesign. I have the translation in a Word file, but copying across the text into InDesign results in various special characters being displayed.


      Has anyone had any similar experience with using Asian text?




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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Don’t copy, use file>place.





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            Joel Cherney Level 5
            Has anyone had any similar experience with using Asian text?


            Yeah, lots.


            You need the World-Ready Composer to be turned on... if you are using, say, World Tools or InDesign ME or a script to turn on the WRC in English-language ID, then you can often copy & paste Urdu text into InDesign just fine, assuming that the font you're using supports Urdu text (i.e. not a generic Arabic font). But, you shouldn't be copying & pasting any kind of text in any language, in general - in that Bob is correct.


            By the way, can you read Urdu? Or, do you have lots of experience working with languages you can't read? You are aware that Urdu is a right-to-left language, right? That you can't set Urud type in plain-vanilla English InDesign? I can't tell from your posting anything besides the fact that you maybe learned English in the UK (no one else would call Urdu "Asian"). Maybe you should consider jobbing this out to someone who is a complex-script-typesetting professional.

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              CarmaCreative Level 1

              Thanks for the tip Bob and Joel.


              Joel - I just have plain old vanilla English InDesign, not ME version. I have had some text professionally translated and have the Urdu text in a Word file. Is World-Ready Composer accessible to me in CS4?


              When I tried placing the text an error message popped up saying I am missing font XXX. If I had that font I wonder if it would work? Or whether I should I go back to the translation company and ask them to typeset as I would hope they may have access to an ME version of InDesign?




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                Joel Cherney Level 5

                The WRC can be used (more or less) in English CS4. You can turn it on and off with a script, or you can use a product like World Tools to access more of the complex-script-manipulation features. Just search Google for "World Ready Composer" or "World Tools" to learn more about this. If you had an Urdu-supporting font, and you turned on complex script support, then you might be able to lay out an ad in Urdu that would be legible. However, the chances that you'd be able to lay out an ad that would be aesthetically pleasing in Urdu are vanishingly small, and not much better than your chances of laying out an ad in Urdu that was not riddled with formatting mistakes. If you only have the font, and have not turned on the complex-script support, you are pretty much guaranteed to generate garbage. The font name you're seeing when you place is whatever font was used in the Word file you're placing; could be one of the generic Windows fonts that supports Urdu, could be something else entirely.


                The firm that provided your translation may or may not have InDesign Urdu typesetting capabilities, but it can't hurt to ask. Lots of Urdu work is done in InPage - an app which, despite the similarity in name, is completely unrelated to InDesign. So it may be the case that they don't use ID at all, but once again, the only way to know is to ask. Urdu translators that are tech-competent and design-savvy are not rare, unlike most of the languages with which I work. However, if you were dead-set on doing the typesetting yourself, I'd suggest that you ask your supplier for a post-format review, so they could tell you "it's great!" or "it's garbage!" or "it's perfectly legible but looks like it was laid out by a nine-year-old." Assuming that you are tech-competent and you manage to get ID set up correctly and you find a font that supports Urdu text, then you'd most likely get either the "great" or the "nine-year-old" review .

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                  Max Hobart

                  Oh great thats what I was looking for so I have turned on the option for world tool  great that to this wonder forum has alwasy been a great help.i was looking for this language support as well.One of our company clients is after a display that uses urdu language.I work for a portable displays company down in new zealand and have just started this job.