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    Fireworks CS5 & CS5.1 Saves Incomplete File. Why? Anyone have a solution?

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      A couple weeks ago, using fireworks cs5.1, I opened a file I'd been working on the day prior to find that a good majority of pages were completely gone without a trace. I was unable to figure out the issue quickly enough, so I rolled back to fireworks cs5, redid the work I lost, and it has been working (saving/opening complete files) without issue… until today. Same problem. I save a file without issue (no errors, no warnings come up), quit fireworks, launch fireworks, open file, and a bunch of pages and even some random layers from the pages that remain are missing. What in the world could be causing this?



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          Same thing just happened to me, today. Although I did get an error message when I tried to save. This happens every once in a while for me with FW. But, I had successfully saved a few minutes earlier, so I just quit and started up FW again, expecting I would only have a few minutes of re-work to do.


          More than half the objects from layers are missing, throughout the file, including portions of document symbols, buttons, etc. A complete disaster, many, many hours of work to re-do. Luckily I had started saving the file under a new file name a week earlier, so I have SOME content to start from.


          I called Adobe Support. They said it is a known issue, and they are working on it. So, nothing we can do at this point.


          From now on I'm going to save under a new file name once in a while, to avoid having this happen again.