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    interlacing vs pulldown???

    texmant123 Level 1

      I listed a problem in AE's forum, but I was told to come to premiere to get the answer.


      I have a project in Premiere CS5 and I created a title.  I sent this title to AE to add some effects, but as soon as I added it, the title became interlaced and looked really bad.


      In premiere, my settings are Standard 720X480 24fps Progressive DV/NTSC 0.9091.


      Also, the item that I said has interlacing (or interlacing-like symptoms) is a title created in Premiere Pro CS5. No footage, no camera, just a title. Settings 24fps and progressive. I imported it into AE CS5 to add flares etc... AE settings are the same as Premiere. 24fps, 720X480 non interlaced (at least, in AE I cannot find an option on adjusting interlacing). As soon as it makes it to AE, it shows horrible interlacing. 


      I also thought, "maybe that's just how it looks in the editing programs. I'll export them and see how it looks." I exported both with the same export settings and Premiere export came out clean and AE's export (or pre-render) came out looking horribly interlaced.



      In the AE forum, I was told that this was an issue due to "PULLDOWN".  Being unfamiliar with pulldown, I looked it up.  It seems that it has to do with transalting between 24fps and 29.97fps.  But in my case, both the sequence settings in premiere as well as the comp settings in AE are set to 24fps.  Can anyone tell me if this is indeed an issue with pulldown?  If so, how do I remove it?  How do I avoid it?  How do I know when it will be an issue in the future?  Even though this instance was with a title, I do a lot of filming with a sony DV cam.  How does this affect me?


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