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    Updating CS4 Camera Raw to show Nikon D700 in camera photo controls & ADR

    Gary Braasch

      I am trying to get Nikon D700 images using their picture controls and ADR to show in Camera Raw.  I understand later updates do this.  Now I just get the flat Raw data when I open the NEF file --- NEF showing on Bridge shows the picture control colors; NEF in Raw does not.


      But download fails repeatedly for the CS4 update 5.7    Message is  "Camera Raw  5.7 updater.dmg  could not be saved because an unknown error occured."   The desktop shows two fines, one the .dmg shown as a disk, the other a blank file named OOELvLnz.pdf.part.  Trying the download again yet another blank file came onto desktop called OkSFJR48.pdf.part   And so on always a different blank file name and same error message on the download. 


      So first, is 5.7 the correct update?  What else do I have to do to see ADR and incamera photo controls in Camera Raw?  And what other options to download an update?  Thanks for the advice.