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    Help with Required fields-PLEASE


      I have been attempting to get help with a required field and one of the forum helpers said he got it to work for me but I cannot and I have not been able to get any more responses from him to help me further.


      I am attempting to have a radio box when the YES is selected to require another field to be completed.  The script I was provided with is:


      getField("Location").required = (getField("Group1").value == "Yes");


      Location being the field that I require to be filled in if Group 1 is Yes.  The previous forum helper indicated that I had to have this script in both fields in Group 1 and when I do that, nothing different happens. 


      What am I doing wrong? 


      Please, I need to fix this right away and I will be using this java script on many other forms that I have so I need to get this done soon.


      Thank you in advance.