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    photographer moving from CS3 to CS5.5 looking for discussion of new features

    jthunders Level 1



      I'm a photographer (not retoucher or designer). Just moved over to CS5.5 from CS3 due to the price changes that will happen in the next upgrade. I'm finding the changes quite difficult to navigate. I know there's lots of info out there, but really, there's too much! I'm looking for a good discussion, video, print, whatever, of the main changes in workflow between the versions. I'm pretty old school in my PS use. I use Curves a lot, set skin tones with CMYK numbers etc. My work flow is probably closest to that used by many beauty retouchers. One of the big changes thats throwing, me for instance, is that I can no longer simply cmd click on a eyedropper target on skin then cmd 1, 2, 3 on the RGB curves layers to set points to adjust colour. 


      Links, suggestions of video's etc much appreciated.