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    Searching in compiled help can hang for minutes, other times it works fine...


      We have a couple users complaining that when they do a search on help, sometimes it can hang for minutes before returning results, eventually. Sometimes even waiting 5 minutes, they never get results. They have to close and try again. Thie current project was built using RoboHelp 8. Trying the previous version of our software, which was built using RoboHelp 3, the results return within seconds. If the results do eventually return, it's not like the word is never found.

      We have not been able to reproduce this internally, even using the same search criteria.

      It is a webhelp project. The person that I have been working with most to troubleshoot this is using Windows XP.


      Seems like something because of our upgrade to RH8, but we can not reproduce it. Any ideas? I read all the forum posts related to searching that I could find, but did not find anything so sporadic.

      They are getting frustrated with it. Thanks.