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    Noob Stumbling around and causing memory issues

    droddis Level 1

      Hi Forum,


      I'm using Flash Catalyst Ver. to create a stand alone video viewer for some high resolution (1280 x 720, 30fps) training videos. I have 6 states in my project and about 950mb of video files, about 20 files in total.


      Not surprisingly I'm running into real issue with running out of memory and causing fatal crashes in the software. I've followed the steps listed to increase my memory allocation in the eclipse.ini file but I'm still getting the same issue. I have a win 7 pro installation with an i5 procress and 8 gig of ram.


      Is there a way to either increase the amount of memory available to FC 5.0 or to get around the issue with linking the large file sizes? This version will be a CD or downloadable folder structure so I don't need to worry about streaming.


      Should I be building the interface in FC, given how easy it is, and then editing the project in Flash or Flash Builder? I appologize I don't have really any experience with Flash, more of an InDesign guy


      Any and all help appreciated, this project is being to make my eyes bleed and Google is banning me for endless searches of the same 4 words!


      Here are the details of my eclipse.ini file in case I messed something up there.