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    Problem Assigning Local Shared Object

      I have created a swf that increments a dollar amount every five seconds. My clients want this dollar counter to be consistent between HTML pages. That is where the local shared object comes in. I can create it fine, and even read it (I know this by a trace() I used). But for the life of me I can't get the value from the shared object passed to the dynamic text field as soon as the swf is loaded. It always starts at the beginning increment of 0.192!

      I'm pretty sure what is messing me up is either the function that formats the number to a dollar format or the function that increments the dollar value up every five seconds and saves that value to the shared object.

      Using the code below, you can create a flash file with a dynamic text labeled 'money' and the actionscript copied into the first frame on the timeline.

      Any help would be great appreciated!