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    Scratch disk settings, and burned DVD's freezing


      Hi, I would be very grateful for help with the following please. Recently I changed my scratch disk settings for the last 2 projects, and am now having problems. Please tell me if they are connected. Up until now my scratch disk settings were all set on the C drive, ie. the same drive as windows operating system. I have now changed these all to the I drive, ie. a secondary internal hard drive. My new problem is that when I send my project to Adobe Encore via Dynamic link, and add menus and burn on to DVD, my finished DVD is freezing and jumping in various random places.

      I am using a pretty high end system on windows 7 64 bit. I am using TDK dvd-r discs, as I have been for the last 15 years. On reading some forums, I understand that these TDK discs are not the greatest, so I am awaiting delivery of some Verbatim 43549 16x DVD-R 4.7GB. I should have these by tomorrow, but I am not at all confident that this is my answer. Because I have been using the TDK discs for so long, and have only had the occasional coaster from them, I can't see that I now am getting 90% coasters from them.

      So, to sum up! Are these scratch disk settings correct, or am I confusing things having to swap across hard drives? This is the only thing that I am aware that I have changed in the last 2 projects, and am now having this problem. Your help would be most welcome, regards Charlie