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    Export to PDF changes hyperlinks


      I have created a document in InDesign CS5 (Win) with images that link to my website.


      For the links, I unchecked the "Shared Destination" option based on reading the help guide that indicated that leaving it checked would cause error problems.


      I added security to the document to prevent copying or changing.


      When I export the document to PDF, my Internet Explorer tester reports that the link URLs don't work (page not found error), and at the end of the URL the code .html%0D shows.


      On my own computer using FireFox, the links work just fine and no strange added code appears.


      I am at a total loss to know what is going on with this. And most of my website readers use IE browser, so I have to get this fixed fast.


      Any help would be MOST appreciated!!




      UPDATE: apparently it's my tester's version of Adobe Acrobat (9.4.7) that's the issue. When he opens links in Adobe Reader (9.0) they work just fine. WTH??