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    Downloaded first book - question re: text size


      Hello. I just found out that my public library has many books to download and suggested I read the books with Adobe Digital Editions. All has gone very well so far. The only slight problem I have is the need to make the book text larger in the two-page view. Not even much larger; just a small amount will allow me to read without my glasses. I saw that there is a way to customize a one page layout under the Custom section but I definitely want to stay with the two page display (like a real book.)


      Is anyone familiar with this? I went back to the Adobe Digital Editions website and didn't see anything there and I have tried all of the options I have in the Reader program itself.


      I downloaded the book in the .pdf format although there were two choices for this book; the other being the Adobe EPUB e-book and I am not sure what that is yet. Would it have made a difference?


      Just to let you know, I am planning on reading the book on my laptop; I don't have a Kindle or Nook, etc. net.  I prefer having the book in my hands but this is great when I can't get out of the house for extended periods and need books the most!


      Thank you for your time and assistance, in advance.