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    Pre10 compiled DVD to folder isn't there

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      i have a video in Pre10 on a windows 7 64 bit machine. i  encoded as a wmv for uploading to youtube. that worked fine. now i wanted to make it into a full quality DVD. i used the DVD menu and made time line markers for each song. i used a main menu marker and a stop marker. i went to share and clicked on DVD, save to folder, 4.7, gave it a name and browsed for the folder to save it in to. it went through the process of saving it and said it was completed successfully. i went to the folder where i saved it and it wasn't there. i tried this several times to other folders and still no files.

      do you have any idea what's happening? why isn't it actually saving the files? my files were captured in Pre3 from a mini-dv camcorder as avi files and went into Pre10 fine, i did wonder whhy i got a red bar across the top of the timeline but before i tried to make it into the DVD i rendered the workspace and turned the red line to green. i can't think od any other info you might need.


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          nealeh Level 5
          • Using windows search look for a folder named VIDEO_TS. See if that finds your output.
          • If the project starts with a red line when you initially add your assets it means your project settings are wrong. If it really is a miniDV file your project setting should be from the DV options (PAL or NTSC depending on where you are in the world).
          • You should Check your source clips formats with GSpot and/or MediaInfo.
          • If you still have the original tape bring the data into PRE10 via a FireWire connection.


          See if this gets you anywhere.


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