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    Signed INETWH32.dll

      We include a distributable file included with RoboHelp named INETWH32.dll in our product build. We need a signed version of this file for Vista certification. To go thru Tech Support to get this file, we would need to be at RoboHelp 7.

      Is there another way to get this file and / or who can I contact at Adobe to get this file?


      Charlie Kyle
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          What are you distributing that you need this for? I've never seen anyone ask for this before.

          It seems to be available if you Google the filename.

          Finally remove the phone number and email address, unless your bodyparts need enlarging and you want the spams!

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            ckyle74567 Level 1
            Thanks Peter. Point well taken re body parts etc. Its a work phone number and email where I already get the treatments you describe albeit in a more civilized manner. I took the risk of including them because we need to resolve this quickly...

            I believe INETWH32.dll handles URLs in WinHlp files. Our product includes 100's of .HLPs, which were developed long ago in lands far away.

            We encounter a similar thing with our product for Roboex32.dll, which you may remember provides a tri-pane interface for winhlp files. The Adobe email address of the person we got the signed version of Roboex32.dll is no longer valid.

            We need signed versions of these files to pass Vista Certification for product.

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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              I am surprised that you are using winhelp when you want to certify for Vista as Vista does not include the winhelp viewer. You are aware of that aren't you? It means end users have to download the viewer to their PC, you cannot distribute it.

              What version of RH are you using or do you just have the compiled files?

              Have you tested to see if that file is needed for the purpose you describe? I ask because, as mentioned, I have never seen anyone mention it before and it seems likely they would if it was needed?