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    Use of Extended Features Expired...


      I have a "writeable" PDF with the following message coming up: Document Enabled Extended Features in Adobe Reader. The use of extended features has expired. Please ask the document author for the latest version of the document.


      Any ideas how I can get this the work as a writeable PDF. Thanks in advance. M

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          There's probably nothing you can do, assuming your system date/time is correct.


          When a document has usage rights applied, it comes with an expiration date. For documents extended with Acrobat and normally LiveCycle Reader Extensions, the expiration date is well in the future. For example, with the version of Acrobat I'm using, the expiration date is some time in early 2023. Certificates used with LiveCycle Reader Extensions can have much earlier expiration dates, as they are mostly used for evaluation purposes.