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    Relative Time With Parent and Child Comps

    fhxfhx Level 1

      Hi, is it possible to see the time a child-comp has in its own timeline, and in its own timeline window see which time it has in a certain parent-comps-timeline ?

      I tried multiple views, but couldn't get it displaying 2 different comps and / or moving time cursor in one comp moves it in the other comp too ...




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          fhxfhx Level 1

          ... up to now it's really hard to accomplish necessary timing changes of the final movie, based on many comps, each with their own timeline that starts at a different time in time-space ... something like groups in 1 single timeline, which each can additionally have an own relative time too, would be better I think. The timeline / organizing concept seems a bit old stylish in my always a newbie eyes and I think it probably is in need of an overall current standards catch up revamp as well.


          Planning for AE snippets to take and make timing in Premiere also turned out to be no solution for me ... is like linear working again ... you have to re-produce and re-produce on two ends, eats up a lot of time and the dynamik link thing crashed and refused on me each and every single time I've tried it.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Try opening up your preferences file and select synchronize time of simultaneous events. That will put the timelines of both comps in sync.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Well, what Rick said is the first to check, but by default this option is enabled, so I'm wondering... Are your comps actually truly nested or is there something going on we don't know about? Also make good use of the comp settings and adjust the com start time when necessary. Otehr than that you can always use simple expressions to get the time from anotehr comp and tie it to the Numbers effect...



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                fhxfhx Level 1

                "Sync. Time of All Related Items" is on and works. To view the multiple comps at once. I selected 4 views, but can't assign the views another comp yet ... how does this go ? I checked http://livedocs.adobe.com/en_US/AfterEffects/8.0/help.html?content=WS3878526689cb91655866c 1103906c6dea-7ea4.html but when I set a view to "Always Preview", it still disappears when I go to another comp. I'm trying to give each of the views it's own comp and run them synced.

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                  fhxfhx Level 1

                  how is the sync of a pre-comp actually bound to the parent-comp ? I for example use the same pre-com several times in a parent-comp and each of them layers are placed elswhere on the timeline. this seems to create a certain cursor sync order, because I don't get the cursor be on the right time of the pre-comp any more. I was thinking, and some more thinking, and think that why would that go wrong ? As long as the pre-com is only used in different starting times in the parent-comp everything should be ok.


                  I think I understand that AE decides for one of the layers, maybe the top one, to sync the cursor. Or is that dependent on which of the several same pre-comp-layers in the parent-com was just selected ? I tried to find out but somehow I'm running in circles yet.