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    Indesign and Interactive Presentations

    Petter Brink

      Hi there,


      I have two questions regarding Interactive Pdfs created from InDesign.


      Question 1.

      I have aprox 200pages. It's devided in diffrent sections.

      Is there a way to ad a button/illustration as "print" that allows me to put a preset on wich pages that should be printed?


      Meaning hitting the "print" button on a specific page allows me to either set it to only that page or the whole section. 8-26 or 49-99 for example.


      Question 2.

      As a interactive presentation i also have a question regarding "speakers support" not sure if it's the right word.

      But that allows the one holding the presentation to have as in PPT on his laptop a note section that are not shown on the big screen.


      Best Regards

      Petter Brink