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    Printing pdf documents


      When I use adobe to print pdf off url addresses the copy starts ok and then chnages to a type of encryption with numbers, letters adn symbols.  If I place the pdf on my desktop or in a programme I can print it off ok.


      The type of documents i print are mortgage and life insurance application forms and jkey features.


      I have spoken with HP as I thought it may ne a printer issue but they could not help.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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          I also cannot print PDF files on HP Laserjet (brand new) using Windows 7, 2010 - not even from desktop . Must print out train, flight tickets urgently by 12 Jan 2012.  PLEASE HELP

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            Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Print as image.

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              ariamsvlei Level 1

              Thank you for the reply.


              However, I have tried that but still nothing happens.  Sometimes I get an error message that "no pages were selected " but even if the "current page" option was selected, still nothing happens.  I've installed the latest Adobe Reader version.  Must I buy something in order to print PDF documents?





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                Ankit_Jain Adobe Employee

                Hi Denis,


                Could you please let me know the following details:


                1. The version of Adobe Reader currently installed on your system.

                2. The OS and the browser being used to print the PDF to the physical printer.

                3. Also, if possible could you share a sample link which is not printing successfully on your system, so that I can check the same at my end.


                Could you also try and print the following PDF and see if you face the same issue:





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                  ariamsvlei Level 1

                  Hi Ankit


                  Thanks for your email.


                  1, I've downloaded Adobe Reader X (10.1.2)

                  2. OS: Windows 7, browser: Google Chrome

                  3.  Attached is an example PDF doc that does not print

                  4. I could not print the PDF link in your email

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                    The attachment was in word format



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                      ariamsvlei Level 1

                      Hi Tony


                      Here is the attachment again in pdf format

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                        Ankit_Jain Adobe Employee

                        Hi Denis,


                        1. Could you please upload the PDF to some 3rd party site or somewhere else, since you cannot attach any attachments on this forum.


                        2. Also, did you try printing the PDF (using the above link) from the browser or via the stand alone application? If you tried using the browser, please try and save the PDF on your local disk and try printing it using the standalone application i.e. Reader 10.1.2.


                        3. Are the other applications (such as MS Word, Notepad etc) printing correctly to the physical printer?


                        4. Since, Google Chrome uses its own plug-in to render PDFs by default, Adobe Reader is not used to view and/or print the PDFs. Please try and print the PDFs from some other browser to see if the issue is only seen with Google Chrome or not.

                        If the issue is resolved when use any other browser, please disable the Chrome's default PDF viewer plugin by following the below mentioned instructions:

                        a. Type about:plugins in Chrome’s Omnibox and press enter.

                        b. Click “Disable” for “Chrome PDF Viewer”.

                        c. Chrome PDF Viewer will be disabled and Installed PDF Reader plug-in will be activated (if not manually click on Enable next to the same) and from now on PDF files will be opened in Chrome by that PDF Reader.

                        d. Close all instances of Chrome and launch it again. Try and print your PDF again. hopefully your issue should be resolved.




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                          flinders11 Level 1


                          Go to 3rd party site


                          and I will forward attachment