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    Unable to bind 'foo' on class 'Foo'


      When my application is running on debug mode I get some warnigs I'm not sure how I can solve...


      [trace] warning: unable to bind to property 'nonCreditRelevantLabel' on class 'com.company.model::Counterparty'




      public class Counterparty extends CounterpartyBase {


      public function get nonCreditRelevantLabel():String {

           return nonCreditRelevant == '1' ? 'Yes' : 'No';





      I understand that this is a getter, but there is no field as such. It contains some logic for the nonCreditRelevant field which is in CounterpartyBase and also exists in com.company.model.Counterparty on the java side.


      I have this in a couple of places, is there a workaround for this?