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    consecutively numbered table of contents and headlines


      Hello Adobe Community,


      i have two questions about RoboHelp HTML (RoboHelp 9).


      1st Question)

      Is it possible headlines are numbered consecutively like this example (A lower headline level always has the number of the higher level in front of it.) :

      1. Headline ABC
      2. Headline DEF

              2.1 Headline OUI

              2.2 Headline POI

                    2.2.1 Headline ZUI

         3.  Headline XYZ


      The example is like a numbering is possible in microsoft word.

      And one important thing is that headlines are linked to another in a way that if I delete "2. Headline DEF" 2.1, 2.2, 2.2.1 becomes 1.1, 1.2, 1.2.1 .


      2nd Question)

      Is it possible, numbering the table of contents consecutively regardless of books, pages, and bookmarks?


      1. Book 1

              1.1 Page 1

              1.2 Page 2

                   1.2.1 Bookmarked_Headline 1

                   1.2.2 Bookmarked_Headline 2

              1.3 Page 3

              1.4 Bookmarked_Headline 3


      The numbers which are used in the table of contents should be the same like headlines have on there pages.


      I hope you understand my english and can help me.


      kind regards