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    Problem with PieChart legend and SeriesInterpolate animation.

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      I am making one application in which I am using pie charts with SeriesInterpolate animation.


      What I do in my application is when I push my PieChrt screen ,I provide the ArrayCollection to PieChart and

      apply SeriesInterpolate animation.


      because of this the colors of the legend doesn't appear at all.


      As soon as I stop providing the animation, and then push the screen everything works fine.


      Do anyone know why is this happening?


      Thanks in advance,


      Ronak Shah.

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          i am also facing same problem.

          if i use

          chart.percentHeight = 100;

                                                  chart.percentWidth = 100;

          with PieChart then animation doesnot work and color of the legend appear  properly


          and if i use simile Height and width properties of the PieChart then the animation works but color of the Legend doesn't appear at all


          what can be the solution of that kind of issue . please suggest


          the code is given below.


          chart1.showDataTips = true;           

                                        chart1.selectionMode = "single";

                                        chart1.doubleClickEnabled = true;

                                        //chart1.percentHeight = 100;

                                        //chart1.percentWidth = 100;

                                        var series1:PieSeries = new PieSeries();

                                        series1.nameField = "month";

                                        series1.field = "costs";

                                        series1.setStyle("labelPosition", "callout");

                                        series1.setStyle("showDataEffect", ss);

                                        chart1.series = [series1];


                                        var l:Legend = new Legend();

                                        l.dataProvider = chart1;






                                        private function setDataProvider1():void{

                                                  chart1.dataProvider = yearlyData;




                              <!-- Define custom colors for use as fills. -->


                              <mx:SeriesInterpolate id="ss" duration="1000" elementOffset="0"






          Krishan Gaur