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    Flex character encodeing



      I am a little confused and I hope someone can clarify things....

      I am useing sdk 4.1  and i have to make sure that I pass  to the server UTF-8 encoded datas. Now  I have a RichEditableText , I type text into it (includeing letters like à or ù - that my font supports), then save the text into a String that I send to server.

      I've searched what type of encodeing String uses but I did not find clearly specified in the documentation , and on  forums I found  people saying that it uses Unicode and others saying that Flex uses by default UTF8 to encode all inputs.

      So, what type of encodeing Flex uses?

      And if it's Unicode, how can I send UTF8 to server?


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          Deke Smith Adobe Employee

          Well, they are both right. Flex uses the eight-bit version of Unicode encoding, UTF-8, versus what you may be thinking of, the sixteen-bit version of Unicode encoding, UTF-16. By default, text input into Flex is blissfully UTF-8.

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            Hey Dude!

                      Actually i don't know which encoding flex support by default. but there are one way to solve this problem. this way is little bit long but you are not in trouble. If the Option is limited then use my suggetion otherwise you are always in trouble. well decode your recivinng data at server as gessing thta data coming to server is UTF-8 encoding OR Unicode One by one. after this two option, you have answer about encoding in which formate data are coming to server. Well, Best Of luck and ifyou win to find answer then Post here. i'll check your answer. Good Bye.

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              UBianca Level 1

              Thanks for the answeres!

              Unfortunatly Jay, I don't have access to the server part of the application.

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                Jay.kishan Level 1

                Okay UBianca!

                          I think that you are developing something Tha's why I guess that!