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    Problem with Sharepoint - Adobe Acrobat integration (renaming files issue)

    marcelomusza Level 1

      Hi huys,

      I am having a weird issue when editing PDF documents from a Sharepoint Document Library, the corporation uses Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro. For some reason Acrobat is renaming automatically the filename, leaving it broken with the following pattern: "aaa0000", being this 3 letters and 4 numeric digits. I am suspecting that there is an issue with synchronization when the document is checked-out and opened in the program. The client told me that this issue is not always present, sometimes he edits and saves the document with no problem, but 2 of each 5 documents are presenting this behavior.

      I know other person posted this exact issue like 2 years ago but he got no response, the link is the following:




      As the problem is the same, I will not extend too much again with the issue explanation. I couldn't find anything searching the web related to this issue, so I hope you guys can give me a hint about what's going on, and perhaps a workaround for the issue, as well as a solution.

      Thanks in advance.