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    Websites can't find Reader


      I have just bought a new PC. My old one ran XP (on which all my applications worked) and the new one is runing W7. I have downloaded Adobe Reader X and it is working fine so far with everything except websites for HMRC and my courier senditnow.com.


      Both sites cannot find the Adobe Reader, they offer a link to download it, and although I have got it installed I have tried the links. The HMRC link won't work at all and the Courier link says "Application already installed" I have even run the repair software and that has been no help.


      Can anyone please help? Nothing too technical please, my knowledge of computers just about ends at the mouse and key board.

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          pwillener Level 8

          All I can think of is that you may be using a 64-bit browser; the Adobe Reader add-on is 32-bit and can only run on a 32-bit browser.


          What browser & version are you using?

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            Nobel17 Level 1

            Thanks for the reply. I am using W7 and Internet Explorer 9 and downloaded the Adobe products for that browser. As mentioned above, so far all but the two sites mentioned above are working fine. An enquiry to HMRC tells me that their web site needs the Firefox version of Adobe so I assume the other non-working site may require that as well. I have tried to download the FFox version but as I already have the IE9 application loaded it doesnt seem to want to download the other version.