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    Squiggly SWC : "abc bytecode decoding failed" in Flex compiler 3.0.0

    Ameya Mogare Level 1



      I have downloaded "squiggly_p6_062011.zip" and used following SWCs in my Flash project.

      (Actually it is a SAP Flash Island project where I need to exchange data between SAP Web Dynpro & Flash)


      Now, when I build/clean project, I see following error in 'Problems' window: -


      abc bytecode decoding failed.SpellCheckerIsland
      UnknownFlex Problem


      I am using Flex compiler = 3.0.0.


      Now when I change Flex Compiler to 4.1, Squiggly works fine but SAP Flash Island feature doesnt work as it is compatible with Flex Compiler 3.0.0.

      Hence I must use Flex compiler 3.0.0 only.


      I tried cleaning project and also creating new workspace and recreating project there... But it didn't help.


      Can anybody please help me in getting rid of this error?


      Thanks & Regards,