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    UI Lightroom

    klsteven Community Member

      There are many great new features in LR4, no question. But some things, that I would really have appreciated, have not been adressed: There is still no possibility to use LR4 on a multi monitor setup like Photoshop. I want to be able to have all my panels on a secondary monitor. That`s one of the most important things for me. I want to be able to go from any adjustment to any other adjustment without opening or closing panels or scrolling through them. I want to see them all at one time on my secondary monitor. I don`t want them to live on my primary monitor at all. That`s the place for the image and nothing else.


      Viewing images and navigating, zooming and panning, is very bad and outdated compared to Photoshop. It`s stuttering noticably (I am on Windows7 64bit, Q6600/2,8GHZ, GTX470, 8BGRAM, not the latest and greates, but not slow either) when you zoom or pan. And it gets really bad, if you view the image on both monitors (for example secondary view Live and zoomed in). Also adjusting parameters like exposure (or even worse, rotating the picture in manual lens correction) etc. are slow and stuttering, even worse again with secondary monitor view enabled. And, of course, flick- panning, birdseyeview, animated zoom with mousedragging etc., etc. are simply missing in LR. At least I miss them very badly. If you are used to Photoshop, LR is dissapointing in this regard. On the other hand Capture one with OpenCl enabled is really fast, if you adjust parameters. Also scrolling in LR is not really smooth.

      Why can`t LR get GPU support for image display like PS and OpenCL for computation like Capture One?  And of course, panles like PS. Those would have been my number one features.