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    Backup Raid Setup

    Baz R Level 3

      Hello Everyone,


      Happy New Year


      I am looking for a Backup device for my Main Editing Suite, at the moment I am runing a Areca 1680ix 16 port with internal drives. I am looking for an exernal setup so I can back up my main editing suite and take away for security.




      1: use external out from current Areca to a  enclosue using multilane cable, (is this possible even though i have 16 ports used already)

      2: buy a new raid card with 2x external ports to control 8 bay enclosure or more


      anyother ideas,


      anyone had experience with Sonnet Fusion D800Raid it uses a Atto Raid Card, this model is a few years old now. not sure if suitable, as I have a freind who no longer requires one as he has upgraded and offered it to me.