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    getting warning during setting of locale(language bundle)

    vineet osho Level 1

      Hi guys

                   i am working on flex4 application in which i m a multi lingual application using resource manager(locale).

      i have already following all the steps.giving my addition compiler setting -locale=en_US,fr_FR -source-path=locale/{locale}

      still getting a warning message like:-


      Description Resource PathLocation Type

      Source path entry, 'D:\work\LocaleDemo\src\locale',

      is a subdirectory of source path entry,



      Unknown Flex Problem


      due to this problem my application is not working properly.it only fetch data from en_US not from French property file.

      can anyone guide me wot is missing in my compiler setting or its sdk issue or something else.


      Please help me out of this


      Thanks and Regards

           Vineet Osho