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    One license for OSX and PC?


      Is there any way that I can purchase one license (with educational discount) and use it for BOTH my Mac and PC?


      Per the licensing: when I buy a copy I can install it on two PCs OR two Macs, but not one of each, correct? I personally think this is a bit ridiculous and refuse to buy two copies.



      Looking at the volume licensing, found at http://www.adobe.com/aboutadobe/volumelicensing/policies/?PID=2159997 it says..

      Cross-platform licensing

      Adobe Volume Licensing (AVL) customers receive product serial numbers for both Windows® and Mac OS as long as the product is available for both and the two platforms are the same version. Program members can choose to use either platform, as long as the total number of licenses being used does not exceed the number purchased."

      However, does that mean that I can use it on both, as long as they aren't running at the same time, or that I must choose to install one or the other?


      I am willing to buy the volume license (though a bit more expensive), but I absolutely refuse to buy two licenses.


      Is there any solution where I don't have to buy two licenses? (according to one site I can buy backup disks for each platform with a volume license, but I don't want to do that either)