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    Reduce resolution, increase sharpness ...


      When using Photoshop i like to work at a resolution higher than i need for the final print. That way, when i do all the work at the higher resolution and then scale the image down for the final output, it sort of pulls everything togeather and sharpens up the whole image ... presumeably because you're going from an image with more visual data, to an image with less.


      However, in Premire if I capture and edit my video at 1080p, with intended output to DVD or YouTube... then output the final project as say 640X360, 720X480 or 1280X720 ... it seems as if Premiere throws out all the extra resolution, scales the video down and you end up with a video that's no more crisp than when it started, just smaller.


      In Photoshop when you change the image size you ahve the option to "re-sample" the image when scaling down using "bicubic sharper (best for reduction)" and it really takes all the extra resolution into account and makes the smaller image much sharper than it's larger counterpart.


      Is there a setting or some method of scaling the video down in Premiere that will "re-sample" the video when scalng it down to crunch all the resoltion of the 1080p video itnto the samaller frame size?




      Scaled down in Premiere from 1080p ...

      scaled in premiere.jpg

      Scaled down in Photoshop fom 1080p ...

      scaled in photoshop.jpg