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    XML driven DataGroup & lastResult or selected item

    Chriszzzzzzzzzzzz Level 1

      I am using a xml driven DataGroup to display images with a itemRenderer and custom layout. When an image is selected i want a new state to display with info from the selected item (image, name, description). Is this possible and how do i do it?


      code example;

                <s:HTTPService id="srv" url="http://...../data/catalog.xml" result="resultHandler(event)" />
                <s:DataGroup includeIn="Main" left="50" right="50" top="200" dataProvider="{items}" id="dg1"
                       horizontalCenter="0" itemRenderer="renderers.kitchensRenderer" click="currentState='details'">
                                 <layouts:FilteredTileLayout id="filterLayout" filteredItems="{filteredItems}" />
                <mx:Image id="image2" includeIn="details" width="720" height="450" top="75" horizontalCenter="0" src="???" />               how do i get the selected DataGroup item to display the correct image
                <mx:Image id="image" width="72" height="45" horizontalCenter="0" source="{data.image}" />