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    Basic Feather Applied to Frame Disappear on PDF Export

    Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

      Description: ID doc 35" x 80" (banner) layered as such: [vector .ai logo] on top of [30"x 8" rectangle frame, with rounded corners, with basic feather, with opacity] on top of [background frame, with gradient feather, with opacity]. The rectangle frame is created for a glow effect. Mac ID CS4, tried exporting on a variety of macs with same results.


      When I export to PDF with any preset that preserves transparency, in the PDF the feather on the rectangle frame disappears completely, and only the basic shape is viewable.


      If I export to PDF with a preset that flattens transparency (X-1a), in the PDF the rectangle frame with glow effect is correct, it retains the feather.


      If I change the shape of rectangle to an oval, export with live trans, the effect is correct.


      I have posted this more for discussion, rather than looking for a solution or workaround. I recreated the rectangle with feathered edge in Photoshop, and then imported a graphic. But I would be interested in hearing comments.