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    Is PP5.0 the right program for this project?


      SAMPLE IMAGE.png


      Hello, I am venturing into a new project. I have created this animation of a moving timeline in 3DS MAX.  Actually the timeline does not move, but the camera moves along the timeline. (If that matters) The camera pauses at certain points on the timeline and colored text fades in.  The camera then moves on to the next important date.  All this is done in MAX.


      NOW....in post production, I want relevent photos to fade in at the same time the text is fading in. (For instance, as "Fac 1 - 3000 Sq Ft" fades in, a photo of that facility appears in the photo frame in the upper left part of the screen) After that photo has been in place for a few seconds, I want the photo to move/slide behind the picture frame, and shrink until it dissapears behind the pyramid to the right.


      Since there will be a lot of photos that need this identical movement, I was hoping to do some sort of copy and paste of the "slide to the right and shirnk until behind the pyramid" animation.


      I can probably do this in both PP and AE. To be honest, I have never used AE before, but am wondering if if would be easier to  do this in AE than PP?  Or would it be about the same?


      Thanks for your time and help,