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    Urgent--Need help with RoboHelp webhelp output that is crashing

    JustinKelley68 Level 1

      I urgently need help with this problem. I have translators waiting on me for a solution to this problem. I have a RoboHelp 8 project that is crashing when I try to generate one of the webhelp outputs. I have three different webhelp outputs, 2 out of the three are working fine. One crashes everytime I try to generate it.


      I made a backup of my project and figured I could just recreate the corrupted output again. Yet haven't had luck.


      I tried these different steps based on suggestions I saw in this forum and on Peter Grainge's web site:


      • I tried just deleting the project cpd file. Then I opened the xpj file again and tried to generate the corrupted output. Same results, RH crashed during the generation.


      • I tried renaming the existing xpj file and then opened the hhp file to generate a new xpj file. Same results, RH crashed during the generation of this one output.


      • I tried deleting both the xpj file and the cpd file and then opened the hhp file. When I do this, I lose all the existing webhelp outputs that I created. That seemed OK. I have the master project, so I could recreate them. But I also lose all my conditional build settings and variable sets. I also lose all my conditional build tags too. This is a lot of work  to reapply them all. Is there any way to avoid doing that and get this one corrupted output working?


      I'm running Adobe RoboHelp version