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    Program failure in Photoshop 7


      Over the last few days I've been trying to work on images I've scanned, the images belong to me, and I often get a 'program error cannot save' then file name. All the files are below 50Mb, coming from an Epson V500 scanner.


      I'm trying to save as jpegs, same as from scanner, and saving at 12 on the sliding quality bar. I don't remember this happening before, and I've been using PS7 for several years now.


      My pc is a 64 bit Windows 7, 2.5GHz dual core intel machine with 8Gb ram. So it's more than powerful enough to handle such small files, I have a few hundred gigabytes of space on my hard drive for PS 7 files.


      Does anyone recognise this problem please? and how do I cure it?