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    Hyperlinks in PDF from InDesign


      The end goal in this project is to provide a PDF document that contains clickable links to files (JPEGs, PDFs, audio files) to other people. (I have used small thumbnail images in the InDesign file, and when a person clicks on the link in the PDF, the large file is intended to open).


      The problem I experience, is that when I link files through InDesign (through Hyperlinks > Link to: File > Select a file from a folder on my desktop), export to PDF and email it, the person who receives the file at a different location receives an error that the file cannot be found (because they don't have the root folder that the files are contained in).


      I've since been advised that I should attempt to put the PDF and files on a DVD to mail to my contacts, but I still need a solution to this problem since the folder is called /Users/Jennifer/Desktop and the people receiving this file do not have such a folder.


      Other than uploading the images, PDFs and audio files to a file hosting website and linking in my InDesign file through URLs, there must be an easier way! Is there a better way to link files after the InDesign file has been exported to PDF?


      I hope that's clear.


      Responses are much appreciated.



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          Hi Jennifer, I'm reasonably sure you have to do what you've been advised - upload the files (pdfs, images, audio files, whatever) to an online server and then hyperlink to them at that URL.


          What your current links are trying to do is connect your recipients to your own computer.

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            jenniferkay17 Level 1

            Thanks for your reply.


            Really? So there's no way to embed the links/files so that they attach to the InDesign file or the PDF (obviously increasing the file size significantly)?


            I should have also mentioned that I do also send the links folder along with the PDF, but again because the folder originates from my computer, I'm guessing that's why my recipients are receiving an error.

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              daevaux Level 1


              The links that are created in indesign CS5.5 are what are called "relative links". So if you did burn them to a cd or dvd, as long as you kept the the folder structure the same they would open from the cd/dvd... not look for your desktop.


              You could upload them to a url too, but as you've figured out, you would have to upload all of the source files as well.