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    Can't find a Online PDF Reader




      • should be mobile and ipad friendly and work across browsers (including Firefox, chrome, ie7, and up
      • Needs to be HTML5 (We are phasing out flash)
      • Must be able to open large in book view (book-like turning, we need the book experience)
      • Don't really want outside branding (we would be willing to buy code )
      • Needs to be fullscreen. (our users are old)
      • Articles can only be read in in spread, because it was designed for print.


      Does Adobe have anything?

      Will Flexpaper work? http://flexpaper.devaldi.com/


      The closest solution was Scribd, but doesn't work well in IE.

      Here are other solutions that didn't work:


      1. Issuu  URL: http://issuu.com/
      2. NxtBook URL: http://www.nxtbookmedia.com/index.php
      3. Zinio URL: http://www.zinio.com/
      4. Scribd URL: http://www.scribd.com/



      Thanks for looking. Any feedback is appreciated.