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    Newbie New Build Success!  Few Questions?

    RFMclaughlin3 Level 1

      I bit the bullet and built my system.  I got anxious waiting for Intel and went with the i7 3960 - so please don't anyone tell me that the 3930's are available.  Here is what I have:


      i7 3960

      Gtx 570

      32 Ram DDR3 1600

      Asus P9X79 Pro

      Win 7 Pro

      1 2T Seagate 7200 64 Cache

      2 500GB Seagate same

      Corsair 500R mid tower

      H80 cooler


      So far, everything seems to be working.  The fans, I think from the GPU sound like a hovercraft (not really), but pretty loud.  I'm getting used to it.  Much thanks to everyone for all your help!


      Per Harm's advice, I want to use the two 500GB's as a Raid0 to function as a workplace for all my Adobe stuff - Photoshop, LightRoom and Premier. 


      1st Question - how do I designate the two drives as a Raid0. I went to the mobo and in the sata control I switched to Raid and then restarting I hit "ctrl I" and set up the two drives as Raid 0 (it says that the Raid 0 is bootable - is there any way to change that, do I need to?.  However, when I restart, I go to Computer and see the 2T and "New Volume" with the 500GB size.  I don't see the 3rd drive - would have thought that if the Raid0 was set, it would should the new volume and 1T size?


      2nd Question - once the Raid0 is working, how do I set my Adobe software to utilize the Raid - I assume that I store the Software on the C Drive and then do I set the Cache to the Raid and save the working files to the Raid - I will have all of my drives backed up to NAS.  Do I put the Raw files - the jpg, RAW, and avchd on the Raid - or can I leave them on the C?


      Thanks again.



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          Harm Millaard Level 7



          Once you have set your Raid in BIOS, you still have to format the volume in Disk Management under Windows as one basic volume. You will now see the raid as unallocated and it will only be available after you have formatted the volume.


          With only one raid volume, your best bet is to put all OS & programs on C and everything else on D (your raid). I suggest you get two other disks for a second raid0 and then you can handle your system as a three disk system from the Adobe Forums: Generic Guideline for Disk Setup


          It is a pity that you opted for a mid tower instead of a big tower, because now your system will be a bit crowded with the two extra disks, with inherent cooling problems.


          For the rest it looks great!