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    seeking past downloaded section in progressive vid  for latest OSMF does not snap back or throw err

    csmaller Level 1

      I have an OSMF player that has always snapped back to its starting point if the area scrubbed to is after the amount downloaded (does that make sense?) for progressive video streams.  I updated to the latest OSMF (1.6) player and now the scrubber will stop scrubbing wherever you want and the player stops dispatching current time updates and does not throw errors  if it is after the downloaded amount.    it just sits there and the loading indicator pops up and doesnt go away , the stream dispatches a 'buffering' trait as well (no pause or anything like that)


      I am checking if the mediaPlayer can seek:

      if( _mediaPlayerCore.canSeekTo( time ) )


      before seeking, and i even encapsulated in a try catch to see if there were any errors (there weren't)


      i am perplexed. is this a bug in the new version?