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    Can warp stabilizer ignore a portion of my film?


      I work at a film archive where we use a digital scanner to capture images from 35 and 16 millimeter film frame by frame. The result is a file with what we refer to as "overscan" where the perforations and some of the information from the preceding and following frames are visible.



      This works very well and turns out beautiful results, but the film will often have a slight bounce to it. I've found that warp stabilizer works very nicely to reduce or even completely do away with this bounce on clips that have an immobile camera. I do not wish to stabilize camera shake (that wouldn't exactly be preserving the work), but I do wish to stabilize this bounce.



      Is there a way for shakier footage, for example, a collection of home videos we've been attempting to stabilize, to be masked off in some way so that the Warp Stabilizer focuses only on the bounce of the film itself and not the shake from the original operator of the camera? I imagine there must be some way (without point-tracking, preferably) to focus the stabilizer on the perforations or some part of the film itself rather than the footage it contains.


      I've looked at the videos where keylighting is used to "outsmart" the Warp Stabilizer's assumptions about foreground, but unfortunately that doesn't exactly work for my particular problem.


      Any help is very much appreciated.