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    Premiere Pro CS5.5 Batch Capture Problems




      I'm sorry for the repost, but the older questions I can find on this topic won't allow me to reply and they were never answered (last post several months ago).


      I'm having the batch capture problem with Premiere Pro CS5.5. Capture with device control works great when single capturing. When I log clips and attempt to batch capture, though, I get the "capture failed: device not found" error in my capture log. I have checked through the FAQ and the complete premiere manual on batch capturing. I've set my device (still using a Canon XL1) and even checked the video size...it matches that of my project (someone on another forum mentioned that this could be an issue). I have had no luck.

      Could anyone tell me if this issue has been resolved, or redirect me to a resolution?


      Thanks in advance for any help!!