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    Camera Raw won't open certain JPG files from Bridge, others open in ACR with no problem.

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      Edit: This was originally posted in the Photoshop > Macintosh forum, which I failed to realize was read only. Then reposted to General Discussion, and now finallyl here. Thanks




      I've searched the internet and the Adobe forums and cannot find a direct answer to what I'm dealing with.


      The issue I am having is that Bridge CS5 (current version will open some JPG images in Raw with no problem and others nothing happens at all. All the images come from the same source (Fujifilm Frontier SP2000) so I really don't understand why Bridge ignores some of them as being openable in RAW. For example, say this roll of film has 36 images. If I "Select All", right click, and select "Open in Camera Raw", it will open whichever it deems acceptable in RAW and nothing happens at all to the others (The RAW dialog will, for instance, only open 10 images instead of all 36, and the remaining images are not altered in any way).


      I've made sure that Photoshop is prefering Adobe Camera Raw with Supported Raw Files and in Camera Raw Preferences I have the box ticked to Automatically open JPGs with Settings but nothing helps.


      My work around is to one file at a time in the Photoshop Open dialog, selecting an affected JPG file and have it open them as Camera Raw instead of Jpeg.


      Any ideas? It's done this for quite a while and I have no idea how to fix it.



      Additional info from the other thread where it was suggested it could possibly be memory related:


      Thank you, Tai. I couldn't find the ACR forum when I poked around, so I posted to the General Discussion as per suggestion from the PM I got.


      As for System stats (no idea why I didn't include these originally):


      Mac OS X 10.7.2 on a...

      2.66 Quad-Core Xeon tower with

      8 GB RAM (1066 DDR3)

      Dual GeForce GT 120 video cards (one for each 24" Apple LCDs)

      The main drive has roughly 350 GBs open on it (650 GB drive)

      The working drive is a DroboPro with 2 TB open (actual available space as dictated from the Drobo Dashboard)



      The weird thing about it being a memory issue is that the files are the same exact size and came from the same exact source (ie the film scanner).